The History of EPS in Schkopau

After years of R&D regarding the EPS foam (produced from EPS of pilots) and a patent deal with Sunde/Norway the first EPS plant in Schkopau was built up from 1966 – 1968. This EPS plant ran from 1968 until 1997. The maximum capacity was 10 kt/year. 

In this time the trademark SCONAPOR was founded. Until 1990 the Name of Schkopau industrial site was VEB Chemische Werke Buna – short Buna (Butadien and Natrium (sodium)). 

In the next years the name of the whole Buna-site Schkopau was changed into: Buna GmbH. 1995 the BSL was founded. This was valid for the sites in Leuna and Böhlen too.Buna sächsische Olefinwerke Leuna).

In 1996 a new EPS-Plant was built in Schkopau.

In 2000 Dow Chemical company takeover these three sites.

In 2010 Dow split off the whole styrene monomer plants and styrene consumer plants and company Styron was founded. Styron was sold to a finance company. 

On 10/01/2013 the EPS plant (the only one in Styron) was sold to Ravago. The EPS plant was integrated in RP Compounds GmbH. 

On 09/06/17 the Ravapor GmbH was founded and the production of Sconapor in Schkopau is running now under the name of Ravago.